Angela Brown is our Director of Nursing at Olde Knox. She is a seasoned employee who has been committed to our company for almost a decade. She holds a degree in nursing and attended CPCC, UNCC, and Gaston Colleges. She is married to Randy Brown and has an adorable daughter Aniston, who you may meet exploring around the facility. Angela states that she is happiest when in the presence of the elderly and is committed to ensuring that her patients receive the best care possible in an environment that is loving and positive. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in the patient’s lives, as well as their families, and loves to see smiles on their faces. Angela also has a passion for the medical missions field, and has taken several trips with the company to Nicaragua, where she assisted in providing vital medical care to people who may otherwise never get quality care, medications, or treatment for their ailments. In her spare time, which as a DON is very rare, she loves to read and volunteer within the community.