2017 Spring/Summer Menu

Our menu cycle has been evaluated and recommended by our full time Certified Dietary Manager and approved by our Registered Dietitian Consultant ensuring each cycle meets recommended nutritional quality, standards and regulation. We also encourage our residents to create a menu of the day once a month based on their own choice and preference.    In long term care, food can be considered part of the therapeutic and clinical approach to treating the physical and psychological conditions of the resident. Beyond the basic maintenance of a person’s life processes, food can have a positive or negative effect on an illness.  Even without the direct correlation of a food item to a medical condition, the psychological effect of favorite, well prepared dishes will support other clinical care processes.

Food and quality of life.

Our facility creates an environment that is respectful of the right of each resident to exercise his or her autonomy regarding what the resident considers to be important facets of his or her life including what they eat and how it is prepared.  Fulfilling this right includes the staff actively seeking information from the resident regarding significant preferences and providing necessary assistance to fulfill their choices.  It does not override an obligation to provide a nourishing, palatable, well balanced diet that meets any special dietary needs of the resident.  Our staff works with the family and resident to meet food preferences and therapeutic diet needs identified by the attending physician.

Residents may request specially prepared or alternative food that is not on the meal or snack menu.  Olde Knox Commons will supply this food but are not required to go beyond their standard fare without reimbursement if supplying such requests incurs special cost.  Items not on the menu and food budget may be provided at reasonable cost if requested by a resident if the facility informs the resident that there will be an additional charge and if payment is not made by Medicare or Medicaid.

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