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Our Mission and Vision


Vision and Mission

Olde Knox Common's mission is to be the community facility of choice; A Huntersville nursing and rehab facility, providing resident-centered and family services with genuine compassion and highest quality.

Our primary mission is to provide the highest level of resident care possible with regard for individual resident's specific medical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. This mission can only be accomplished through personal dedication of each staff member combined with a sympathetic understanding of the resident's needs, choices, and desires.

The facility by design enhances the quality of life for each person residing at Olde Knox Commons. For the family, a quiet satisfaction and an inner feeling of peace that comes from knowing that your loved one is receiving the very best care possible by a kind and caring staff.

We aim to  provide rehabilitation and skilled nursing services in a way that enhances the resident’s quality of life while maintaining their dignity, self worth, and connection with family, friends and community

We believe caring about people is as important as caring for them. Our residents have worked all of their lives for the welfare of their families and their countrymen. Now we are morally obligated to make life more comfortable for them. The services we offer our residents are flexible, and can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of each person living here. Olde Knox Commons is a place where all residents are given individual attention, and where every effort is made to keep them healthy happy and in harmony with their Maker.



Our services are rendered with compassion by a kind, caring staff in a modern facility. The building is designed to enhance the quality of life for each resident at Olde Knox Commons. The atmosphere creates a home like environment for families and residents to enjoy. For our long term residents, our goal is to provide services for the frail and elderly in a manner which enhances their independence,self worth and dignity. For the short term residents, our goal is to provide intensive rehabilitative and health care services geared toward a speedy recovery, enabling the resident to return to his or her previous independent living environment.


Working as a Team and as a Family

Olde Knox Commons  has served the community with over 10 years of experience in providing quality and high standard care. Under the direction of each patient's personal physician, team members contribute special knowledge and skills to design an individual plan of care for each resident.

The goal of Olde Knox Commons is to return each patient to his or her highest level of function. Individual programs are tailored to include goals to ensure that appropriate functional skills can be identified, learned, and reinforced.

Our facility provides a variety of programs with the highest standards of quality meeting individualized resident's needs. Relationship building is what is most important in our team.

The Olde Knox Commons Advantage

• Professional and Certified Healthcare Professionals
• Compassionate, Personalized Care Programs
• Adaptable Daily Schedule and Activities
• Adaptable Rehabilitation and Regular Plan Evaluation
• On-Site Physician visits

We invite you to come by and visit. Take a tour and see why life at Olde Knox Commons is an experience to enjoy. A special part of Olde Knox Commons is our short stay rehabilitation program which is designed to prepare the resident to return home at the earliest possible date. Whether your stay is long term or short term, Olde Knox Commons meets each of our patients’ medical needs, while maintaining independence and dignity.

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